Bullet Journal: simple organization. A great way to coordinate your life!

Bullet Journal: Simple Organization

Bullet Journal: Simple Organization is all about you! You create, design and organize your life! This planner system really could not be any easier. The year has just begun and now is the perfect time to get organized!

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Bullet Journal: simple organization. A great way to coordinate your life!


A bullet journal is a type of planner that you create completely on your own. Bullet journals are different than regular planners you buy at the office store because you include only what pertains to your life. You master your life when you coordinate your activities with your new journal!

I went to the dollar store and spent $1 on a composition book. Surely you can find one cheaper, but I just love poking around at that store finding quirky dollar gems! Buy the journal that makes you happy and comfortable. I already have a surplus of colored pencils and a Sharpie pen that I like. You may prefer colored pens to decorate your journal, but it is really nice to write your info in bold black.

Starting a Bullet Journal

  • So, to start, you need a journal. You can choose from a blank page journal, a lined one, or even one filled with graph paper. After you’ve chosen your journal, it is time to organize your life!
  • A bullet journal consists of several main sections. The first is your INDEX, which you actually fill out at the end of prepping the journal and know where each section lies. The KEY lies immediately after the index. It lists and describes each of the symbols you use in your journal. You may want to use more symbols, these are the basics that I use.Bullet Journal Index Page, where you lay out the contents of your planner

Bullet Journal Key page contains the symbols that are used in the journal


  • Next, you will design your FUTURE SPREADS. These are customized by you! Future Spreads have to do with any events coming up in the year ahead. They can include: Year at a Glance, Birthdays, New Year’s Resolutions, Yearly Goals, and so forth.
  • After the Future Spreads come the MONTHLY SPREADS. This is the current month and lists birthdays, important dates and appointments. Also include a main to do list for the month. Bullet Journal Monthly Spread contains important dates, appointments, birthdays and to do lists
  • The WEEKLY SPREADS are located immediately after the Monthly Spread. Each of my Weekly Spreads takes up two pages, has a motivational quote, meal plan, notes and shopping list. Your spread, like the entire journal, is customized by you, so include what you want!
  • The DAILY SPREAD may be the most important part of your journal. It has a to do list for the day. I include my Daily Spreads on two adjoining pages so I can have a master Blogging Tasks list that I refer to each day. My goals for the week are repeated on this spread. Be sure to use your symbols from the Key when creating your to do list for the day! The Daily Spread can contain memories, weather, appointments and whatever else is important in your daily life. Bullet Journal Daily Spread is made of today's to do list, memories, weather, notes


  • After your spreads, at the end of the journal, come your COLLECTIONS. Absolutely anything can be comprised in your Collections! So far, I have Post Ideas, Things That Make Me Happy, Exercise Ideas, Cleaning Schedule, Goal Tracker and Blogging Stats. Bullet Journal Collection spreads can include anything from things that make you happy to exercise stats

Time to Decorate!

  • Now is the time for the FUN!! After you have set up each page with your information, you get to decorate your bullet journal! I used my colored pencils, but like I said, you can surely use colored pens, if you wish! I love to doodle and absolutely went to town! There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for doodles and bullet journal decorations. Have fun! There is no wrong way to do it!

Life can get pretty hectic at times. By spending five minutes at the beginning and end of each day coordinating and listing my tasks, I am staying organized! Bullet Journal: simple organization. A great way to coordinate your life!

Do you have any questions about bullet journals? Don’t hesitate to ask! I’m here to help!

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