Crowd Pleasing Dips

Crowd Pleasing Dips: Pineapple Cream Cheese Dip and Buffalo Chicken Dip

Are you getting ready for your Super Bowl party yet? Or maybe you’re going somewhere for the big game. Either way, you will definitely need these two crowd pleasing dips, one sweet, one with heat! The first dip is Pineapple Cream Cheese Dip and is definitely for those who have a sweet tooth. The other is Buffalo Chicken Dip and will please everyone. These dips are great for your next party, or just hanging around binge watching tv on a weekend! (I’ve got some great tips for what to do while binge watching tv right here!)

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Bullet Journal: simple organization. A great way to coordinate your life!

Bullet Journal: Simple Organization

Bullet Journal: Simple Organization is all about you! You create, design and organize your life! This planner system really could not be any easier. The year has just begun and now is the perfect time to get organized!

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Valentine’s Day Decor & Chocolate Cupcakes

I love putting out my Valentine’s Day decor in the middle of winter. The house needs that little burst of color after the Christmas decorations have been put away. The reds and pinks of Valentine’s Day evoke such a warm, loving feeling. I made my fabulous Chocolate Cupcakes to share that love with my family and the kids’ friends, too!

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Valentine's Day diy Wood Tray

Valentine’s Day DIY Wood Trays

The new year is well under way, and I have been itching to make a DIY project. But what’s better than one DIY project? Two Valentine’s Day DIY Wood Trays! They are simple to make, and the results are absolutely adorable! The trays are perfect for a gift or you just may want to serve your honey breakfast in bed.

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Lovely Everyday Table Setting with striped quilt, cloth napkins, and fiestaware

Poppyseed Bread and an Everyday Table Setting

Winter is the perfect time to start good habits and polish the ones that have been neglected. Our family eats dinner at the table almost every night, practicing manners and attempting to discuss important world events. Keeping an everyday table setting is important, I feel, to encourage my children to act maturely. Throwing in a yummy dessert, like poppyseed bread, is a great reward for acting so grownup during dinner, too! Continue reading “Poppyseed Bread and an Everyday Table Setting”

Breakfast Nook Ideas for Small Kitchens

Small Kitchen Functionality

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is important to utilize every inch of a small kitchen. Breakfast nooks ease the transition from food prep to eating to clean up. Keep convenience in mind and your small kitchen can include a breakfast nook where your family is happy!  Continue reading “Breakfast Nook Ideas for Small Kitchens”

How to decorate with books: Budget decorating

How to Decorate with Books: Budget Decorating


Feeling the pinch after the holiday? But, you’re wanting to change the look of your decor a bit anyway? Decorate with books; it’s budget decorating at its best! With a bit of your personality and a keen eye to placement, your new decor will be stunning!  Continue reading “How to Decorate with Books: Budget Decorating”

What To Do While Binge Watching TV


So the big day has come and gone. The gifts have been opened, admired, and played with. Now that you have accomplished creating a wonderful holiday for your family, it is your turn! TV binge watching, here you come!  Continue reading “What To Do While Binge Watching TV”

The Stockings Were Hung. . .with the Best Stocking Stuffers ever!


We’re coming down to the last few moments available for Christmas shopping! I bet you have most of your gifts purchased, but may still have to go out and buy your stocking stuffers! Well, I have it covered for you: Cost Plus World Market!!  Continue reading “The Stockings Were Hung. . .with the Best Stocking Stuffers ever!”