Hi, I’m Beth! For as long as I can remember, I have been pouring my heart and soul into one thing: creating a lifestyle full of my simple joys (baking, crafting, making DIY projects, and decorating my home).

I’ve always been passionate about writing and these joys so I was determined to combine the two while raising my family, a joy in of itself.

And that’s when I fell in love with blogging.

As I continue on this adventure, I want to share my experiences with you. I not only want to share my recipes, home decor tips, crafts and do it yourself projects with you, I also want to help you create the simplicity that makes life beautiful! I know if I can do it, so can you.

Tales from Walnut Street is a lifestyle blog dedicated to showing you how to create this life full of simple joys.

While you are visiting Walnut Street, you will learn how to create these simple joys.

Before you get started, come take a peek at some of my favorite recipes, like my apple crisp,  pretzel toffee bark, or chocolate chunk cookies. Let me know if any become your favorite!

Once you’ve had the chance to look at a few of my favorite recipes, check out my most popular posts:

I’ve been sharing my simple joys ever since I opened a shop on Etsy.com  years ago, where I designed and created handmade invitations. After closing shop, I focused my energies on raising my family. In the meantime, I spent my few spare moments creating beauty, decorating my home and baking, my favorite happy time.

Now that we have moved to our fixer-upper home on Walnut Street and my children are growing, I get to refocus my energies on my simple joys and signature style. I am sharing this journey on Tales from Walnut Street with you!

I love hearing from you! I do my best to respond to your questions and comments in a timely manner and really appreciate you taking the time to reach out!